Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Terrible Twos, Round 5

I don't remember being two but like most two year olds I'm sure I was fussy, unwilling to share and threw my share of tantrums.

At 12, I was....well 10 years older but still kinda irritable, MY stuff was MY stuff and I slammed a door or two (or 461656, I have selective memories on that).

At 22, I was able to drink so I'm sure I was a little less grumpy. I was willing to share SOME of my stuff with certain people and my idea of arguing was just to ignore the offending person.

At 32, I was divorced (that can suck the life out of anyone). I really didn't have anything left to share except my heart which was pretty much in tatters and I was OVER disagreeing with anyone about anything.

Now I'm 42 (albeit only for another couple of weeks). I'm not always cranky anymore, SHUT UP, I'm not! I end up sharing my stuff (like it or not) and aside from a few squabbles (I made that word up...shhhh) over stupid stuff I rarely have full blown temper tantrums (okay, so that's thanks to Dr. Awesome and his prescription of magic medicine. Wheeeee).

I'm still not sure it's safe to say I'm grown up but I'm older and I haven't had to cover up any crimes scenes so that has to mean I'm getting over the Terrible Twos. Right?

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  1. Hey. I have a son that is often cranky. I'm not gonna admit that he might be just like me but well... it comes from somewhere right?