Monday, August 16, 2010

Somethings Under the Bed

Last week we registered Nick for 7th grade and picked up his schedule. 5 days ago, a full size piece of paper! Sunday morning he announces he lost it. Somewhere between the car (in the garage) and his bedroom. He of course looked  "everywhere" and couldn't find it.

I pulled up the dust ruffle from the side of the bed and peered into the dark abyss that is " the underworld of his bed". Seriously, Nick will shove anything and everything under there.

From the inventory list of things I found:
  • One steak knife
  • One 1/4 full two liter bottle of cream soda
  • One 1/2 eaten cookie
  • One bottle of mustard
  • One bag of bread with 3 slices left in it
  • One plate
  • One car magazine
  • 3 socks
  • Several pieces of crumpled paper, ransom notes for the mustard maybe.
I have no idea why he stores food like a giant squirel saving for winter. Maybe it's the 40 or so steps he has to make from his room to the kitchen with his last ounce of strength because he's exausted from playing XBOX.

It's a constant battle to make him understand that food in his room will lead to BIG BUGS! Someday the bed will begin to shake from the bug party under it.  Gross!

Good news though, I found his schedule in my car right next to the empty McDonalds cup and on top of the petrified french fries and half full water bottle. Maybe the nut doesn't fall too far from the tree after all.


  1. HAHAh you make me laugh... I could have a full dinner by cleaning under your sons bed lol...

  2. haha your son is a sickoo :))

  3. O man, I thought I had at least made a dent lol. I guess that was wishful thinking.