Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting our hairs did

Nick and I both needed haircuts so I went to my neighborhood salon and had my hair cut by a women whos pregnant belly kept bumping into me as she reach out to make each cut. I had to sit through her tale of her babies daddy drama. How she got pregnant on birth control and she, her fiance (probably more of a boyfriend ) and their 2.5 children lived with the fiances mother. Blah, blah, blah. It took forever for her to cut my hair since each time she stopped to give me more unwanted details the hair dried and she had to spritz it all over again. Soooo NOT relaxing!

Nick gets his hair cut at a place specifically for mens haircuts because the last time we went to my salon the cut ended in tears from not one but TWO people. I had not taken him there before so I wasn't sure what the drill was. I guess I expected two or three old men chatting about old times or fishing and cutting hair with clippers or a straight razor. What I determined is that I GO TO WRONG PLACE TO GET MY HAIRCUT. A very cute, young blonde (not pregnant) girl cut his hair with minimal chatting. THEN she says since he's 13 he gets a free head and neck massage! Apparently the young men have to be at least 13 for this perk. I watched with jealously as she massaged his head for a FULL 2 minutes and pulled out a massager and a hot towel and proceeded to massage his neck and shoulders for another 2 minutes. I DEFINITELY DID NOT GET A MASSAGE FROM MY SALON.

Clearly I need to find a new salon!

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