Friday, August 20, 2010

Food TV

Our TV spends a lot of time tuned into the Food Network. I watch Iron Chef, 30 Minute Meals and a variety of other cooking shows that amuse me. I don't really think I'll ever cook anything from these broadcasts cause, well, I don't cook (EVER, if I can help it). They cook stuff that I would NEVER touch and wasn't even aware could be consumed.

It's amazing to me that my children grew up not malnourished because mostly, if it doesn't cook in the microwave, we don't eat it.  Luckily they were able to thrive on formula and baby food for the first year of their lives. I'm sure the hospital that let me take them home when they were born surely would have reposessed them if they knew I considered potato chips and chip dip a perfectly acceptable meal. Potatoes are a vegatable and chip dip is mostly sour cream which is dairy. See, food groups!

It's not true that I can't cook anything.  I can deep fry ANYTHING.  An entire meal can be cooked in the deepfryer. Fish sticks, battered califlower, oh and deep fried mashed potato balls (cold mashed potatoes, egg and flour). Practically gourmet!

I can make brownies too. From a box (is there any other way?). Except I tend to eat most of the batter before it makes it to the pan so sometimes they are a little thin after they're baked.

I don't think any of the Iron Chefs have anything to fear from my culinary expertise unless there is a Battle: Deepfryer.

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  1. your kitchen antics make me laugh outloud even when I'm by myself. You don't have to be able to cook cause your husband does and he says you have other talents. So I wouldn't worry too much that ANY of your family is going to starve to death (except "the little man" maybe!!!)