Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lost and Found

This morning as I was just about to leave to take Nick to school (10 minutes late because OMG he CANNOT wake up on time) I found a frog about the size of a tennis ball IN THE HOUSE.  It jumped from the hallway into our bedroom door. Not through the door INTO it, about 3 feet up! It splatted and fell to the tile all wet sounding.  I knew I had to chase it out before I took Nick to school because if I waited until I got back it would have been hiding somewhere waiting to pounce on me or having babies IN THE HOUSE somewhere.  I grabbed a broom and proceeded to chase the critter out the door.

When I got home, I stuck my head under the bathtub faucet to wash my hair and found that we had an empty bottle of shampoo.  Minutes before that I found that we had no toilet paper.  I won't go into details how I discovered that (you can thank me later).

I opened my wallet to write a check this morning and found that my drivers' license was missing.  I don't usually have any reason to take it out of my wallet. God knows, I don't get carded for alcohol and I haven't been pulled over by the police in a really long time (knock on wood).  I couldn't figure out were it  could be.  I dumped my purse out on the kitchen table and rummaged through the miscellaneous crap I've collected lately.  I found pieces of random Tums, a couple of wet naps from a buffet in Vegas (from 2 years ago), 6 or 7 emery boards and my license (whoooo hoooo).

I'm still looking for my mind so if you find it please let me know. Okay? Thanks!

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