Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Cooked and No One Got Sick....Yet!

I was feeling kinda ambitious today. After several hours of the shows on the Food Network an idea crawled into my mind that I could cook some of those recipes.  It may have been temporary insanity because I was SURE I could recreate at least one of those meals.

It went something like this....

Chicken soaked in brine (fancy, fancy) Did you know that brine is just salt water with stuff floating in it?

Swimming chicken

I heated the water so the salt, sugar and aromatics (the stuff floating) would marry (that's what she called it on the show).  I put the chicken in and it over flowed ALL OVER THE STOVE. Cleaned that up and moved it to the refrigerator. Then, I remembered it was supposed to have wine in it. Pouring the wine in while it was in the fridge caused it to over flow ALL OVER THE FRIDGE. I managed to clean TWO appliances in one day (that NEVER happens). But before I could back out of the fridge the dish towel that was hanging over my shoulder fell into the pot soaking up a good part of the stuff the chicken was supposed to suck up.

The recipe said soak it for an hour but I got lazy and let it sit for 3 hours. If an hour was good, 3 should be GREAT.

I cut up zucchini and onions to saute (who knew I could saute ANYTHING?). 

I took the chicken out of its bath, dried it off and gave it a tan in a pan (heh, that rhymes). Then I put it in the oven to cook to 160 degrees.  I have no idea if it made it to that temperature but it wasn't pink anymore so I'm guessing it was done.

If you touch a pan that has been in the oven, it WILL burn you!
Yes, I know its a tiny burn but it hurt A LOT!

Dinner was served!


And eaten!

I'm googling the symptoms of salmonella now just in case.

Cooking is HARD! I think the shows on the Food Network are false advertisement!

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  1. Your cooking attempts crack me up...Betty Crocker you're not, but you sure give it 100% effort and just keep on trying anyways. Laughing is good for the soul!!!