Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Super Sniffer

I have an overactive olfactory system.  Dr. Google says....well, never mind. I digress.

Most of the time it's pleasant.  I can smell orange blossoms in the breeze outside my house as soon as I open the door.  Or freshly brewed coffee through a close door.  I can lie next to my sweetie and inhale his scent for hours.  And baby smell (most of it anyway) should be bottled and sold because it is YUM!

But other times it's a curse.  Like loving Yankee Candle but getting an intense, immediate migraine as soon as I walk into the store.  Or smelling people from 25 feet away who smell like they bathed in an ashtray.  I can only imagine what their cars and homes smell like. Ewwww!

In the medical field some of the people who visit us have health issues.  Did you know that yeast has a smell? IT TOTALLY DOES and it DOESN'T smell like orange blossoms!  I know, gross but true. Sickness really does have a smell.

Then we have the elderly ladies who swear by Sweet Honesty by Avon.  Remember that scent?  I'm not sure it really qualifies as a scent as much as a stench.  Apparently as you get older your sense of smell shuts off because REALLY how can one  person wear that much perfume and still breathe?

So if you see me holding my nose somewhere, it really is NOT you, its ME.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. The bathroom at Careworks always smelled like dirty crotch. I know, that's disgusting too.

    I also know what you mean about the strong smells. Bath & Body Works is an offender as well as fresh cut grass. Both smell so good but also smell like itching. Did you know itching is a smell? Well, it is!

    I was really sensitive to smell when pregnant as most pregnant women are. There was a woman at work that wore REALLY strong perfume. I had to talk to her about it because it made me throw up. My friends Brad & Sarah smoke & also when pregnant I had to sit across the room from them so I didn't throw up.