Thursday, November 17, 2011


I think I've figured out why I can't cook and it clearly is NOT my fault.

I had high hopes of mastering fine cuisine when I was young.

I told every mall Santa for years that I NEEDED an Easy Bake Oven. I circled one in every Sears catalog that I can remember.

BEHOLD!! The makings of a culinary genius!!

I dreamed of those tasty, tiny cakes that I would create, and of course eat.

Okay, full disclosure...I probably would have eaten the batter long before it made it to the cooking ability of that 40 watt light bulb but that's not the point.

The point is that Santa failed me and therefore I can barely boil water.

Then it happened! While strolling through Lowes. What?! Doesn't everyone window shop at home improvement stores?

I talked my husband into this....

Cozy! Yes?

Lets recap....plastic? Check!....light bulb? Check!

It's practically a grown up Easy Bake Oven! So there Santa Claus, I'll buy my own damn oven!

The last couple of days at our house have looked like this...


And this...

DESSERT!! I'm practically the Cake Boss now!

And Thanksgiving may or may not look like this in a few days....

Dinner may be just a little late!

 Thank you Thomas Edison for inventing the light bulb and finally giving me the opportunity to cook like a pro!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Spending the day with Lily today was both amazing and exhausting, mostly amazing though.

And you can learn A LOT about life from a 2 year old.

Like, breakfast tastes a million times better when it's off someone elses plate.

Furniture shopping is infinitely more fun with a tiny person.

It only took Grandpa (or Papa as she might be calling him) 12 tries to get the car seat fastened. Good thing too cause Plan B was to strap her to the luggage rack on the top of the car. Kidding, kinda.

It's perfectly acceptable to break into dance in the middle of a furniture showroom if an appropriate song starts playing.

It takes Our Girl approximately 2.5 seconds to turn her blankie upside down to find the tag, stick it in her mouth, and suck on it.

When it's time to take a nap, just let it happen.

And NOBODY makes her Papa happy the way she does. When she looks at him, the look on his face is priceless. She pretty much has him wrapped around her small, syrup covered finger.