Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fashion 101

Apparently I live in a house with a fashion designer.

Chris has a closet full of tee shirts from American Eagle, Hollister and a whole spectrum of over priced, gotta-have-label stores. His solution to make them even more awesome is to cut the sleeves and sides out of them. Now I don't think he owns one shirt that looked like it did when we bought it. Someday he's gonna look back at pictures of himself and say "what was I thinking?".

I know this because when I look back at pictures of my high school years I can't believe that I thought I looked good in anything neon, layers of slouch socks, jean I had to lay on the bed and zip with a coat hanger and jelly shoes. I wore shirts with puffy sleeves and shoulder pads. And Members Only jackets. Oh, and the hair! Feathered bangs that wouldn't move in a hurricane. Thanks Aqua Net! Or the fashionable banana clip with bangs teased to unimaginable heights. And ginourmous earrings that matched every outfit.

On second thought, maybe his shirts with the sides cut out don't look so bad after all.

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