Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Love Letters

We live in a neighborhood that has a home owners association. While I understand the theory behind these associations, property value, blah, blah, blah. Most of their infringements are a bit trivial. We have been the recipients of more than one of their notices that we not-so-affectionately call "love letters".

There are super secret spies that sneak around our neighborhood, hiding behind trees and posing as friendly neighbors with clip boards taking notes like elementary school hall monitors. They report to the powers that be things like weeds in the flower beds, shabby cars in the driveways or God forbid a swing set in view of the street. One could argue that we chose to live in a neighborhood with an HOA but really, when you've found a house after months of searching, the bi-laws of the deed restrictions kinda fall by the wayside of the 172 pages of closing costs.

Our latest love letter is advising us that our house needs painted and/or power washed and we may have planted some contraband plants in our flower beds. Apparently, we were supposed to provide "the board" with a list of selected plants that we were interested in planting for their approval. For this attentiveness we pay about 500.00 per year. Quite a bargain, huh?

Painting the house isn't going to happen for quite a while because the money is better spent on things like not living in the dark and feeding ourselves something other than Ramen Noodles (cause those are just YUCK). And we like the plants that we put in so they can just BITE ME.

I can't wait till they start peering in the windows to see that we are currently wallpapering our living room with their love letters.


  1. I think they should concentrate more on the amount of foreclosures in a area than the kind of flowers planted. I love it that none of the spies ever noticed the garage window that has been gone since 2004. I love starting my day reading your witty rants. Carry on, daughter.

  2. In my mom's neighborhood you get in trouble if you don't mulch by a certain date. We hate our HOA, too. Blech.

  3. That is awsome.....maybe you should pull all the plants out and have nothing and see if they would like that!! If they want the house washed or painted ask them to supply the goods and when you have time you might get to it!! Another words, relax and keep papering!!!