Monday, October 18, 2010

Yea for Fall, Y'all

Without looking at a calender it's kinda hard to tell when it's Fall in Florida.

There are subtle hints like the weather. Instead of 90 degrees it's a cool 82.

There is a quiet whisper from the mall to rush in and buy sweaters, long sleeves and jeans. What? We have air conditioning and it gets cool inside (and if it's not cool enough I turn the temperature down). Shhhhh, don't tell my husband he has no clue why our electric bill is 300.00 dollars a month. Seriously, Old Navy has the cutest sweaters!

There are pumpkin patches everywhere. Okay, so they're not really patches exactly, more like small mounds at the grocery store. Yeah, I guess they're really gourds but they could totally grow up to be pumpkins. You know if they were still attached to the vine. And rooted in the dirt. Or maybe I was looking at squash and zucchini. Produce confuses me but I could so make a really cool jack o lantern out of one of those.

Oh, and caramel apples! Beware though, they're VERY dangerous.  I bought some pre-sliced granny smith apples. I'm no dummy, I know many people who have cut off fingers cutting up apples. Well, maybe not exactly cut them off but you get the point. Anyway, I knew I had some caramel dip in the fridge (nevermind that it was "best sold by" July 2009. It's sugar how "bad" can it go?)  I transferred a couple scoops to a little tupperware container (read: Glad reusable container, tupperware is overrated and expensive) and took it to work. It was a little thick when I tried to eat it with my apples so I put it in the microwave for 30 seconds or so. It boiled a tiny bit so I stirred it with an apple slice and stuck it in mouth. OH EM GEE! I burned off about 3/4ths of my taste buds! After the tears stopped I put my little container in the fridge to cool. Guess what? Even if the container feels cool, when you stir the caramel again IT. IS. STILL. HOT! I know this because I stuck my finger in it and was quickly reminded of when I lost my fingerprint to the evil hot glue gun.

Most of our trees don't change color in the fall but every now and then a dry, brown leaf will blow across my path and I thank my lucky stars that I don't have to rake all those pretty colored leaves.

Autumn is awesome. No matter where you live.


  1. I love autumn here. We've been to several fall festivals at this time. I think we're going to a farm soon to pick pumpkins off the vine after we've gone on a hay ride & through a corn maze. I know it's cold & boring in Ohio but I just can't see myself living anywhere else.

    Yes, Old Navy has really cute stuff. I recently got an Old Navy credit card. I thought if I didn't get one, I would spend less money there. I was wrong. I spend just as much if not more because I don't get the discounts.

    Anyway, the leaves don't bother me so much since we got a leaf blower & my hubby tends to do all the raking. I currently have fake spider webs (and well some real ones) hung up on the house. Also have pumpkin lights & light up black gauze stuff.

    I can't wait for the kids to dress up for Halloween. My kids are soooo damn cute.

  2. Shelley, Shelley, Shelley....microwaving plastic? That might be a bigger sin than eating hot caramel. Although hot caramel at least tastes better than melted plastic. :-)