Friday, October 1, 2010

Consistently Inconsistent

Punishing a child is hard! It seems like taking away something they enjoy doing would work to get the point across that whatever they did is unacceptable. Almost like a "time out" from whatever they enjoy. But what is an appropriate time to withhold the activity? And what happens when you run out of things to take away?

I'm good at saying "no computer" then kinda forgetting about it for a while. Suddenly I think Nick would like this game. "Hey Nick, wanna play The Price is Right on the computer?" Sure he does! And because mom asked him obviously the punishment is over. But its not and I feel like I suck at parenting. Maybe he takes advantage a little too because the next day, there he is on the computer.

I take his cell phone away but then remind him to take his phone with him to his fathers (mostly so I don't have to talk to Randy when I call for Nick). That doesn't even make sense to me! How is it ever going to make sense to him?

Like this morning, I wanted to tell him he could watch TV until his dad got out of bed. But last night I told him no TV. I was thinking forever but that's not realistic. I found him drawing in his room instead. He was probably drawing pictures of me with flaming swords being shoved under my eye lids! I didn't ask.

When my kids were little punishment was easy. SIT ON THIS CHAIR FOR AS MANY MINUTES AS THE YEARS YOU ARE OLD! Three years, 3 minutes. Usually it worked but it's not that easy any more. 13 minutes of no TV is not gonna teach anybody anything. Accept maybe that you don't miss much of the show because there are at least 13 minutes of commercials on every show.

I guess I'll wait for that magic age when I can look back and say I must have done it right sometimes.

When is that by the way?

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  1. Yeah & with DVR a 13 min time out from tv is meaningless. Now what you could have done with the computer is ask Nick if he wants to play the game & then say "Well that sucks because you're not allowed to until next week." Haha!

    I don't know what to tell you either about the punishment thing. I was a pain in the ass at that age but you know this. I don't think Nick is as spiteful though so...

    Not letting Nick watch tv or play video games is more of a punishment for you though. The boy constantly needs entertained. I know it's horrible but the tv is the best babysitter bar none.

    Speaking of the tv watching our children, I told Jenny the other day that if I was paying someone to take care of my child & they did it the way that I do, I would be absolutely pissed.

    I guess I'm waiting for the magic age when I can look back and say I must have done it right sometimes too.