Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ummm, No Thanks

A couple times a week I have advertisements left tied to my mail box. I can appreciate that area small businesses are trying to increase their client base but I'm getting a little paranoid. It's like they're screaming "everything at your house is a mess". LOUDLY.

Sometimes it's a "Gloria's Green Thumb" like business. You know pretty much mocking me about how in need of yard work our garden (I use that term very loosely) is. Maybe I like my weeds masquerading as flowers.

A couple days ago it was "Polly's Pressure Washing"( I'm pretty sure that's not the real name of anyone that works there). If they took a close look at the house they would realize that pressure washing would probably strip the paint right off. So, I'm gonna pass on their 30% off discount offer.

Occasionally "Chloe's Cleaning Service" wants to clean our windows or carpets for a discounted rate. Seriously, it's like they are looking in our windows and giggling about how messy we are. I hope their not peering in during a clothing optional time cause that could do some serious damage to someones poor, unsuspecting retinas.

Yesterday I found an offer for holiday services. Starting at just $55.00 "Happy Harvey's Holiday Helper" will set up a Christmas tree or iron a tablecloth and napkins  Really?! Who has table clothes that need ironed? Don't they know that ironing plastic will melt it? There was also an offer to prepare holiday meals IN MY HOME. That is just creepy!

I gotta admit I'm sorta freaked out that these companies know a little too much about my cleaning and cooking issues. Really people STOP LOOKING IN MY WINDOWS!

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