Friday, October 15, 2010

What page is this on in the parental handbook?

It's report card time. I'm afraid to look.

Nick asked if he could spend the night with a friend tonight. I had to say no and it hurts. He was so disappointed. When people tell their kids "this hurts me more than it hurts you", it's really very true. I'm not even sure this tactic is effective. Is he really going to remember in 2 weeks during an extra boring class when his mind drifts that I told him he couldn't stay the night with a friend because of his grades?

I've caved. I let him watch TV and occasionally play on the computer. He got a 97 percent on a book report! He was so proud of himself when he brought the grade home. I was elated and crazy happy that his teacher recognized how hard he worked on his report and those clay bananas. It really was very cute. He understood what he read, he CAN do this. He just doesn't do it consistently.

When the boys were babies I couldn't wait til they slept through the night and I didn't have to wake up every 2 hours ALL. NIGHT. LONG. I was silly enough to think that that was the hard part of being a parent.

This weekend he'll stay with his father. I'll feel bad for making him go. What am I really accomplishing?

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  1. Maybe he needs a turtor for home work. Did you ever ask him if he cares and would he like the help to bring up those grades. Sometimes one on one attention from an outsider to bring his self esteem up goes a long way.