Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just a Swingin

I have...oh...lets call them mood swings.

If hurricane force winds can be called a breeze.

I feel them coming on, I usually know when to expect them.

But sometimes, out of no where...CRASH...right down in the middle of my day.

Anyone from the Midwest know the sound of a tornado warning. It would only be fair to everyone around me if they were afforded this same luxury right before this CRASH happens.

I like to say I'm fussy. Really? I'm hateful and short tempered.

I spend a lot of time saying I'm sorry. I REALLY AM SORRY!

People who are the center of my world live with this unknown everyday. Saying I'm sorry doesn't begin to scratch the surface.

Today, I had to tell my sweetie that I was sorry. He said "for what". Really! He tries to make me believe he really doesn't notice that I'm one electro-shock therapy treatment away from losing my mind.

For now, I need to keep thinking that.

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