Monday, September 13, 2010


I had this really great idea this weekend as a surfed the web. Okay, so it wasn't my idea but it was a really good idea that I borrowed from another blog I found.  First I found a real company that makes flip flops with interchangeable straps. But OMG they are 35.00 for the shoe part and 12 dollars a piece for the interchangeable straps. Very cute but so very expensive.  Then I found a blog with a DIY tutorial on making your own pair with velcro and ribbon. Both of which I happen to have boatloads of  because I have this crazy habit of volunteering for craft fairs and such about 24 hours before all the crafts should be done.  I generally go way overboard and buy insane amounts of supplies to make 5 or 6 of whatever craft I happened to have found on the internet in the hours before my great idea.

I went to Walmart and found a plain pair of black flip flops on clearance for 5.00 because I was reluctant to ruined any of the 25 pairs of flip flops that I already have in my closet.  Five dollars would have been a really good deal if I hadn't found $45.00 worth of other crap that I definitely probably maybe didn't need. The instructions for the shoes said hot glue wasn't a good idea probably because it would melt the rubber.  I was pretty prepared to lose some fingerprints as I always do with hot glue so I wasn't very disappointed that it was discouraged.  Instead I bought industrial strength epoxy. Which for your information also removes fingerprints and several layers of skin if you pull it off the item your affixing velcro to. Oh, and the smell? I think it killed more brain cells that I could safely part with. After inhaling the fumes for about a half an hour I glanced at the the packaging which strongly suggested the glue only be used in a well ventilated area. I'm guessing, based on the headache that is slamming my brain behind my eyes that my bedroom isn't well ventilated enough. The glue has to cure for 24 hours so I set them outside.  I'm really hoping when I bring them back in the house they don't have 485038 bugs glued to the straps.

I can't wait to make straps to match EVERY outfit I own. Some with bows and some with flowers and some with ruffles. The possibilities are endless! I was thinking that I may be able weed a few pairs of shoes from my closet and replace them with tiny little straps that take up no space at all. Or I could replace them with shoes that aren't flip flops that's a better idea!

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  1. No! Don't cave to buying real shoes. Flip flops are the only shoes you'll ever need.