Monday, September 27, 2010

Everyone on HGTV is a BIG FAT LIAR

Once upon a time I had a kitchen in my house. It wasn't perfect but it WAS functional. Now? Ummm, NO!

Note: Not normally this messy. Really!

Some time in the last month I lost my mind. I allowed my husband who is soooo NOT Bob Villa to remove walls. You know those things that construction people build that hold the house up? I'm sure when I kill him sometime during this renovation my attorney will decide that the insanity defense is air tight because who in there right mind allow this:

Goggles! Safety first when your wife is about to kill you with a ladder.
 A sane person would not say "Go ahead honey, saw the walls down and leave a hole in the ceiling where bugs can get in".

See that hole? It goes to the roof!
In case my lawyer (court appointed because I spend everything I had on the remodel) needs more photographical proof, there is this:

Holy crap!

He's making stromboli on my pool table as I type this. Nick had to ask if the flour the dough was on was sawdust.  I'm afraid, VERY afraid!

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  1. I'm so glad it's your house & not mine. I go to Jenny's when Alex starts home improvement projects. You could always hide in your new bathroom. It's really nice & it will remind you that when dad gets finished the kitchen will be really nice as well.

    About the spending all your money on the renovation. Pshah. You already spent it on shoes & purses that are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!