Sunday, November 7, 2010

Martha Stewart and Hoarders

I love when my house is decorated for the holidays. With the mess from the mini-renovation that completely turned into a renovation of ginormous proportions there isn't much room for decorations of any kind inside the house. Therefore I felt it necessary to decorate my front porch. My inner Martha Stewart would not be muzzled, she demanded hot glue, glitter and silk plants!

You know how decorators start a project with an "inspiration piece"? I' ve watched HGTV, I know these things.  I wanted a cute chair on the porch, not to sit on just to accessorize with appropriate holiday crap. I started at local thrift stores hoping to find a wicker or wooden chair that looked distressed and didn't need too much cleaning.  Do you know what's at thrift stores? HOARDERS! Who else would need a shopping cart full to overflowing with sequin covered clothes, comforters and pillows with the most horrible kaleidoscope of mauve and blue flowers and Corell dishes circa 1972? There were people putting lamps in carts that had obviously spend the better part of the last couple of decades in someones great-grandmas basement. Clearly they should have skipped the thrift store circuit. Nobody needs a brass touch lamp with glass panels that have owls printed on them. The lady with them in her cart was extremely excited that there was a pair. I'm sure I'll be seeing her on Hording: Buried Alive, next season.

I found one white wicker chair that with 4 or 5 cans of white spray paint would have been acceptable for my porch decoration but that seemed like an awful lot of work and it was $15.00. Well above my budget. So what was I to do? I went to HomeGoods and bought a $40.00 chair. What? It was brand new, it was totally worth it.


Without a doubt, Martha would approve.

No hot glue was wasted and no fingerprints were lost in the creation of this spectacular fall display!

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