Thursday, November 11, 2010


Maybe the relationship got stale? Maybe I craved shiny and new? I was definitely lulled into a false sense of contentment.  I was settling, I knew it. I've been loyal. Until now. Okay, so I strayed a time or two before but the reasons were right, I swear.

I've searched for things that just weren't there. I may have seen them once, but upon returning they were gone. No one could tell me where to find them, I was on my own. The cost has been just too high not to seek satisfaction somewhere else. I know it was more of a habit than a real sense of happiness. Yeah, maybe a little happiness seeped through as I weaved my way through the familiar. Newness was intriguing. I could feel the lure. The tugging of something that was not so familiar.

Michael's has been a go to place where craft cravings can be quenched. They had everything I needed. I could wander the aisles for stuff I didn't know I needed. It was a strain on my bank account sometimes, but I could justify most of the costs. There wasn't any other options until.....Joanne's Fabric and Crafts opened a huge, new location!

They had fabric! Something that Michael's just couldn't deliver. Mostly, I stayed faithful to Michael's out of some strange sense of obligation. Oh, and Joanne's had coupons. I was defenseless to the coupons. Who could blame me? It was 40%, they practically give things to me. All my feelings of a crafty nature were pacified. I thought I was satisfied.

Until today, when I succumbed to the itch to go astray. I struggled to remain devoted to Michael's and Joanne's but Hobby Lobby flashed it's rows of all things crafty and beautiful. Artsy projects that teased me with promises of awesomeness. I couldn't resist. I was pulled in by a magnetic force that I was helpless to defy.

I have no remorse. It was AWESOME!

I suspect this will be a long term relationship.


  1. Three of my favorites! I should buy stock in them.

    Jenny Spires

  2. I can spend HOURS at Hobby Lobby. They are my fleur de lis headquarters for sure. And FYI they design their own fabric and told me that there is usually always a ribbon to match a fabric since they create their own.