Friday, November 5, 2010

Greener Grass

Why is it that human nature is to want what we don't have? Believing that the grass is always greener in someone elses yard.

I watched out the window today as the clouds drifted in to cover the sun. It was grey and brooding, all I could think of is that it looked like snow was on the way. Not possible since I live in the south. Yet daydreaming about snow made me giddy, like a kid waiting on the radio announcment that school was cancelled for the day (in reality, that hardly ever happened). I've lived where it snowed, I didn't like it so much!  I bought a wool peacoat a few days ago. I'm still not exactly sure why I needed it. Hopefully I'll get to wear it a couple of times in the next few months.

When I lived in a state where Mother Nature promised snow but rarely delivered I was thankful that she was often wrong. Scraping ice off the car with limbs that you can barely feel sucks. And shoveling the crap white stuff was no walk in the park either. Those parts I don't miss!

Beautiful red and gold leaves floating to the ground from trees that seem to reach to the heavens can mesmerize me. Remembering days from many years ago that I dove into piles of the earthy smelling leaves sending the pile flooding back onto the lawn. Raking those leaves wasn't so much fun! I recall some blisters that threatening to cause me to amputate my fingers with dental floss. It's definately a plus that palm trees don't spread pesky leaves although I now know you can use an awesome leaf blower to corral them. Causing a swirling snowglobe of leaves fluttering like glitter.

I have a corner of my brain that I call the Norman Rockwell lobe. Sparkly visions of Christmas past, present and future are tuck in there. Perceptions of holidays that are far more embelished they could possibly ever be in reality. Still, it makes me happy to have bigger than life ideas about holidays, snow and the jewel colored leaves of fall. Even if the reality is never as grand as my Norman Rockwell inspired imaginary scenes I like that my imagination is capable of creating magnificent "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" scenarios. 

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