Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Had a meeting today that I've been dreading. A meeting to cement the details of my new job, which is pretty much the same job but at a different location with different coworkers. That doesn't sound so bad but my brain has morphed it into GIANT anxiety.

As I sat in a room full of other people who are facing the same changes I felt the pin prick of tears behind my eyes. I desperately tried to slow my breathing and willed the tears not to fall down my cheeks. Mostly I succeeded. At least until I got to my car after the meeting. I tried so hard  to stay optimistic. There are some definite pluses. Every Friday off. Four 10 hour days. So much uncertainty though. I WILL NOT CRY everyday for the first six months! Did I mention I did that for my last job change? Embarrassing, I know. I didn't pick up the job as quickly as I expected myself to. I won't let that happen again!

I'll be okay. There will be growing pains but I won't be the only one experiencing them. I need some time to process all the information and package it into bite size segments. Big pictures overwhelm me, I hate it but it happens. Deep breaths. Doing my best. It will be okay.

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