Friday, December 31, 2010

Ups and Downs 2010 Edition

This year has been a rollercoaster ride that I am so ready to get off of.  The highs were amazing but tempered with the lows that were soul shattering.

January began with a very unexpected trip up north to Ohio for my dad's open heart surgery-LOW
It went well and he recovered quickly-HIGH

The next month we again went to Ohio for the funeral of a beautiful young family member who unexpectedly passed in her sleep. The bravery that her mother held on to is beyond my comprehension.-EXTREME LOW

The end of March brought our new grandson. 6 weeks early but healthy.-EXTREME HIGH (with a side of fear that he would have a rocky start being so early. He hasn't, he's perfect!)

April brought a new job for my sweetie. It wasn't one that we had planned for but we weren't in any position to pass it up.-HIGH

In June I watched my oldest son walk across the stage and accept his high school diploma-HIGH

We were on a roll with the ups.

Also in June we met our first granddaughter and I was elated. I spent several weeks becoming a hands on Gramma-HIGH

But just as quickly, I recognized that the dream relationship that I had so perfectly formulated in my head was not to be.-A LOW I HAVEN'T RECOVERED FROM AND DON'T EXPECT TO.

Early July brought family here for my son and nieces graduation party-HIGH

Same month with a house full of people our hot water tank decided this was a good time to spring a leak and stop working. Did I mention we had a house full of people?! Yeah.-NOT A HIGH

August I turned 43 (I totally typed 42 and had to think about how old I was, DUH).-NOT HIGH OR LOW, JUST ANOTHER DAY.

September brought our oldest daughter, her two sons and her husband to visit for a week. Again, I got to be a real Gramma-HIGH

In October we had a kid move back home. More estrogen that our house can handle-DEPENDS OF THE DAY WHETHER ITS A HIGH OR LOW.

November was fairly uneventful.

December was full of change. The biggest was learning that one of our children made a life altering decision that will have many rippling effects-LOW

New tires,car repairs and  a couple of health scares thrown in to keep us appreciating what we have and 2010 comes to a close.

I've learned never to say it can't get worse. So I'll just say BRING IT ON 2011, we're ready! I think.

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  1. Heh, my MIL had a daughter and her three kids move back home after a nasty separation...being near her grandbabies is a high but four extra people in her house after four years of an empty nest? Low.
    Addie says "Gramma's sick." When really, gramma's going crazy.

    But also, like you said, depends on the day, high or low.

    here's to an even better high to low ratio for you in 2011.