Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Letter P

Today's meltdown was brought to you by the letter P. As in procrastinating pack rat.

In a moment of self discovery or maybe it was just plain 'ol acceptance I determined that I am indeed both of those things! Of the highest degree!

My level of procrastinating can only be compared to an Olympic sport. I've been honing this skill for more years that I care to count. 14 years ago when my maternity leave was only 5 days shy of being over, I arrived at the conclusion that I *may* need a babysitter for my 6 week old squirming bundle. 5 days! I trusted my ability to find a suitable sitter to 5 measly days. I WAY over estimated my abilities. Turns out my sister located a God-sent woman who was more than qualified to oversee the day to day care of my tiny little guy. I couldn't tell you what I was thinking. Maybe that if I didn't have suitable daycare I wouldn't have to go back to work? Apparently all my brain cells slipped out of my nether regions with the baby.

All these years later and my razor-sharp skill of putting things off has only been brought to new levels. Months ago when I found out my job was moving I collected boxes to contain my 5+ years of belongings. Not one paperclip or thumbtack made it into the boxes until today. Through an ocean of tears I haphazardly filled several boxes with my collections of much needed office supplies and note filled post-its to deposit on my new desk tomorrow.

Among the very important paraphernalia I transferred to my box there may be 65 calender pages with the dates of EVERYTIME I colored my hair. I tend to jot things on my calender pages that some (less crazy) people might think unimportant. A diary of sorts. I can now recall things that Rainman couldn't rival. Who does that? Who needs to keep EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. OF. EVERY. SINGLE. CALENDER from the last 5 years? Only people who are bat sh!t crazy save crap like that! I can't let them go. Why, I'm not sure what my brain thinks will happen if I toss them in the trash. Maybe someone will steal them from my car and use them for world peace. What? It could happen.

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