Sunday, January 27, 2013


I was never much a fan of tattoos. They were fine....for other people. Not so much for me. All I really knew about them was that they were applied with NEEDLES. Needles that buried ink deep under the skin like a hole punch. NO THANKS!!  Paper cuts make me nauseous. Blood makes me dizzy with a side order of seeing giant black spots and hearing loss, potentially causing my body to hit the floor. Tattoos of any sort were never on my to do list.

Until I turned 44. I don't know why it happened. My reactions to the above have not changed but still after seeing a particular design (originally found by my beautiful niece) those things didn't seem as important. Apparently I am now invincible. I googled placement ideas and settled on my right foot. Then I  read EVERYTHING google had to offer on foot tattoos. They fade, they hurt (A LOT), they probably aren't a good idea for a first tattoo placement. Perfect, sign me up!

There was a tiny bit of green shading and the whole thing took maybe a total of 20 minutes. The time spent worrying about the pain was time wasted. It was kinda like an annoying burning sensation but I wouldn't really calling it pain. I delivered two full term babies after several unmedicated hours of labor each. This was worlds away from THAT pain.

I love looking at this tattoo and even now, about a year and a half later I still consider it one of the coolest ideas I've ever followed through on.

Side note: It's now become kind of a family tattoo. My niece, my sister and I all have them on the top of our feet. I think it's safe to say we all think they are perfect.

I like the infinity symbol but I wanted something that incorporated a heart so I combed the internet for my next design.  A couple of months after I declared my first tattoo a success I found it. Or so I thought...

This one I may have been a tiny bit hasty about. It's not my favorite. I love the color but it's a little more tribal looking than I'm crazy about and truth be told in my brain it resembles an 87 instead of an infinity symbol and heart combination. The thick lines hurt more that the first tattoo and I had to almost physically restrain myself from kicking the tattoo guy in the junk. I got through it, I can't say it was worth it. I'm mostly stuck with it unless I have some kind of cover up done but I'm just not that worried about it. is what it is.
I was content with the two...until Saturday. I went with a friend who had an appointment to get her tattoo. As we sat waiting for her turn I felt that familiar itch again. I knew then that I was leaving with fresh ink.
I haven't actively been looking at design ideas but poking around pinterest I found one that was scroll-y and delicate. It's probably what I wanted when I settled for the one I put on my left ankle. The one that I should have given a minutes more thought about then changed my mind. But didn't.
It took a little over an hour and hurt like I can't describe but I am enamored with it. I am fairly sure that it is my last but since I didn't plan to ever get my first, who knows.


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