Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Good Memory

My company plans our holiday party for after the holidays, which is really quite nice. Less stress. No trying to fit a supposed-to-be-fun-evening into an evening that is spent worrying about what is left to be done before the upcoming OH SO IMPORTANT DAY. The day where the perfect gift wrapping lasts 2.3 seconds and you barely have time to see the look on the face of the person receiving what you hope is the perfect gift.

Bonus, the dresses appropriate for a holiday party are on clearance. SCORE!!

Our parties are themed and this year was no exception. Viva Las Vegas. Complete with Elvis and Vegas style gambling.

So Saturday evening we stepped out in our party wear (read: suit and clearance dress with shoes that gave me GINORMOUS blisters)

There were 3 artists that were there doing caricatures, in between drinks, dinner and dancing. We didn't do one last year so this year we decided we would. We sat down in front of a young-ish guy. He began drawing and making small talk. I asked him if he saw everyone in caricature form, like at the airport. He said yes, most of the time and that it made getting a girlfriend difficult. We giggled, drank and continued our chat. We talked about where we were from. He said you're from Westerville, Ohio, I remember.

I was, like, WHOA! BACK THE BUS UP! Remember from where?? Oh shit! Did I know him?? Should I remember? I didn't have that much to drink, I should remember someone who knows where I lived 12 years ago. My eyes must have begged Pat to tell me he knew him from somewhere because I was FREAKING THE HELL OUT!! And this guy was studying us to draw our freakin faces! He shrugged, nope, didn't recognize him. I spent the rest of the night racking my brain trying to figure out how this random guy "remembered" where we lived 12 years ago.

We had a wonderful time (except for the amount of time I was trying to convince myself that the artist dude wasn't some crazy stalker). I'm totally counting the amount of dancing that I did as enough aerobic exercise for the next 10 years!!

This morning Pat remembered that we had a caricature done in 2001 at his company Christmas party when we first moved here. We thought it would be fun to see how much we had changed so I pulled it out.

December 2001/Signature reads Rich 01

The caricature done last night..........

January 2012/Signature reads Rich 2012 (2013)

Mystery solved!! But who remembers one couple out of 98450 that they've done drawings of over the last 12 years???  A little creepy. No?

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  1. Stalker...I agree with you Shelley