Friday, January 4, 2013

Holiday Hangover

I love my Christmas tree. I lovingly place each ornament just so. I'm kinda particular about which ornaments go where. I may be known to move certain ornaments several days after the tree is up if it's on the wrong branch. And my sweetie is responsible for the garland and the lights. It says so in our wedding vows. He's crazy, neurotic about the pearl garland. It looks the same every year, but I'm okay with that. To me it's beautiful.

Exhibit A...

Perfectly straight. CRAZINESS!

I don't however like to take the tree down. I did my part on January 1st, removing each ornament.  Knowing that Pat is a bit of a procrastinator (I'm the kettle to his pot), I expected the tree to sit for several more days with lights and garland gleaming but when I came home from work yesterday the tree was gone and stowed back in the garage until late next November when we will start the process again.

I assumed the rest of the Christmas decoration would follow but my dear husband had other ideas.

He has a model train that he LOVES. This year he had it running through my Christmas village. Out of the reach of dimpled, three year old, granddaughter fingers and curious kitty paws. Although I saw Lucy sitting in the middle of the village more than once. Shhhhhh, I let her sit there it was cute.

Currently, I have a village with a train sitting in one end of my living room so my husband can play with his toys on a whim.

I'm expecting the Easter Bunny to be forced to leave egg and candy filled baskets at the train station.

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