Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Window To The World

My husbands go-to Christmas gifts for me usually include filmy, never-left-on-for-more-than-two-minutes, lingerie. And bless his heart he really thinks that I look good in them. Even with his glasses on. I usually get bubble bath too. Cause mama LOVES her bubble baths. And for good measure some kitchen gadget that we probably needed for a while but found on sale at Christmas time. Practical and romantic, I think I'll keep him.

Anyway, two years ago he was struck by a bolt of genius and I found a laptop computer wrapped under the tree.Yes, the smaller box had lingerie, but I can't expect him to quit cold turkey. Well,  I didn't know it was genius at the time because honestly, I couldn't see that I'd ever have a need for a portable computer. Or any computer for that matter. Seemed like a pretty expensive way to play Solitaire, because really that all I knew how to do on our dinosaur of a desk top computer.

Fast forward to now, HOW DID I EVER LIVE WITHOUT MY LAPTOP WARMING, WELL MY LAP, FOR ALL THESE YEARS?  I can almost always be found sitting on my bed with my window to the world in my lap.

This 14 inch screen absolutely is my tiny connection to everything outside my four walls.

I read blogs (LOTS OF BLOGS) and I *may* pretend that these people that don't even know me are friends. Instant friends, who knew.

Facebook has become a staple, akin only to the importance of dark chocolate in my life. I've reconnected with high school friends. I've enmeshed myself into the lives of my family and their friends. Hi Carlee! I've had conversations with people I thought were long gone from my life just because they happened to by online at exactly the same time as me. If that's not fate then I don't know what it is.

Twitter and it's 140 character maximum amuse me and provide me with all the must need to know news like who got arrested. *cough* Nicolas Cage *cough* And which movies are worth seeing and which ones can wait til Redbox. You know IMPORTANT stuff.

And lastly, this blog. My corner of the internet. My sanity when my kids teacher calls me at work AGAIN. A place to share my opinion of things like, oh, my homeowners association. Who can SUCK IT because my quarterly dues are 2 weeks overdue!  The checks in the mail. And I can amuse my friends every now and then with my observations of mundane and boring things like getting a computer for Christmas 2 years ago.

Beth, this is the best I can do today for your "fix". Love Ya!

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