Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Let's call him Oakley Alexander. 

That was the name that Chris and the baby's mother chose for him when she promised to never take him from our lives. I'm guessing she chose another name when she decided to break that promise and decided not to allow him to have any voluntary relationship with our family. But until a judge and some law (that we are yet to have on our side) make her give Chris his son to hold and introduce him by the name that she's given him I'll just call him Oakley.

I wasn't a fan of the name at first. Now, I'd give just about anything if that was his name because Chris chose it. It's original and memorable just like my son's baby will be.

She changed her phone number and has only given us an email to contact her. We don't know if she lives in the same place that she did when Chris dated her but we'll be sending any court papers to that address because THE COURT WILL BE INVOLVED.

Lawyers are expensive and I've researched IN. GREAT. DETAIL. the rights of a unmarried, biological father. I can only hope that what an attorney goes to school for, for many years I'm able to replicate in some form when he completes the forms and takes them to the clerk of court in our county.

I've sent her emails everyday since Oakley was born. Asking if he's healthy. Is he sleeping well? Does he look like Chris? Not to harass her but to know who my grandson is. She hasn't replied to any of them but I'll continue to send them anyway.

I refuse to mourn a child who is alive! He may not have the name Chris chose and he may bond with our family several months from now (from what I've read, the court takes a looooong time) but someday he will know how much he's loved.

Until we meet sweet boy, I love you to the moon and back!

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