Wednesday, May 27, 2015


So many thoughts scattered and searching for where they belong. I'm unsure how to file each into it's proper place.

The baby's name is Jace Rocco [The Mothers Last Name]. As far as we can tell he is healthy. I have a few precious pictures of him but don't foresee getting anymore. I'm mostly okay with that, but I did have to take the blurry ultrasound pictures off of the refrigerator because the daily reminder was just too much. Chances are good that he is Chris' son but with no medical or genetic proof, we wait. How long? I don't know. It could be 18 years or maybe he'll never look for the man that was hidden from him. You don't know what you're missing if you never had it...

Nick got a car. A 2003 BMW 3 something, something. It's black, a little worn but he loves it. He also got a job which was a prerequisite for a car and payments on the car will begin shortly.  He likes the independence. It scares the hell out of me!

My best friend who I've worked five feet from for the last 3-ish years was offered another job with hours that she couldn't pass up. I don't know what to do with this yet. If I think too long about it, tears well and threaten to spill down my cheeks. This will inevitably turn into a very ugly cry so I'm choosing not to dwell on it just yet. 

Chris and his girlfriend have been together almost a year. They have big life changes coming up that I'm super excited but tentatively nervous about. She is so sweet and so good for him. Also, our family loves her! Just remember to have patience sweet girl, he needs some work but I did my best.

We're in the process, though not on the fast track to getting our house ready to sell. We need to downsize but I hate moving.  Also, we've lived in this house for 11 plus years. Do you know how many boxes of stuff we're going to have to move? Right now some random, unused items are packed and stacked (or spread around, depending on how you look at it) in our garage.

A couple of quirky things are nestled away too but those will play out as life does.

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