Sunday, January 11, 2015

Baby Boy

Dearest Sweet Baby Boy,

You were born just shy of 34 hours ago. You didn't know it, of course, but when you took that first breath my heart filled with such love. No, that's not true. I loved you before you were sent from heaven to be my first grandson. I've waited my entire life to be your Gramma!

For reasons and circumstances that none of our family understand we weren't permitted to be there to witness your grand entry. The tears that dripped down my cheeks just to know you were here, on Earth so close to us but still so far away pale in comparison to the emotions that your daddy tried valiantly to hold inside. I saw the tears that slid quietly from his eyes as he wiped at them trying unsuccessfully to hide his sadness at not watching you search his face for the comfort that only a daddy can provide.

How much to you weigh? Are you tiny like your father was? He was a little bundle of 5 pounds, 6 ounces but long at 21 inches. Do you have his brown eyes and downy hair that was barely visible?  I doubt that your mother gave you the name that was chosen all those months ago when we found out you were due in January. Your middle name was to be Alexander after your Great Grandfather David Alexander Pittman. You won't remember as you get older but I'm certain that he held you in heaven before you were delivered to our world. Did he whisper how lucky you'd be that GiGi would be your Great Grandma and that our family is a little overwhelming at times? Or did he just tell you to fish when you get older, because fishing was something he would have taught you while you were probably too small to learn?

Someday sweet angel we will meet and you will be part of our crazy, loving family. Your daddy can't wait to hold you and assure you that you will always be safe with him. We'll wait as long as we have to BUT never doubt that the places in our entire families hearts has a baby boy shaped space that you will fill perfectly.....someday.

I love you to the moon and back,


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