Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Pain In The Neck

For our 14th anniversary we booked a short cruise. More likely, than not a VERY ROMANTICAL CRUISE!

We're not planners so it was several weeks after our actual anniversary and we're cheap so we didn't purchase vacation insurance. After all,  what possible reason would we not be going on a cruise that was already booked and that was celebrating our wedding anniversary?!

About a week before the cruise I woke up with a kink in my neck but certainly it would go away before we left. IT DIDN'T! It slowly crept into my arm and had me begging my doctor to amputate it before I left on my MAYBE-NOT-GONNA-BE-SO-ROMANTIC cruise the next day.

I think we have a total of 20 pictures of the whole 4 day cruise, none of which I took.

We managed to leave the cabin for dinner in the dining room ONE night. I would have endured just about any amount of pain for lobster tail. We strolled the decks for a few minutes after dinner before the man who vowed to love me in sickness and in health could tell that I was about to ask the next person I passed for a nail file to surgically remove my right arm. When he asked me if I was ready to go back to the cabin all I could do was nod.

I'm fairly convinced that the woman tending to our room thought we must have been on our honeymoon because every time we left the room the bed was unmade (I was cold and could only get my neck and arm to stop hurting by lying down). If she only knew!

We docked in Nassau Bahamas and left the ship for about a total of a half hour. With every step I took the pain in my arm made me nauseous and I refused to throw up in a foreign country so we went back to the ship.

I totally ruined our fancy anniversary celebration and it sucked! But on the bright side I didn't spend any money, so there's that.

About 5 hours after we got off the ship I had an MRI which told my doctor that I had at least 3 herniated discs in my neck and nerves that were smashed between them. I didn't need an MRI to tell them that! I've now had 2 weeks of therapy which has helped and the pain has developed into more of an irritating electrical pins and needles sensation. Hopefully it will keep getting better.

Eventually I hope to have a cruise DO OVER. One where we don't have the only picture of us together in the mirror in our cabin.

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