Saturday, March 31, 2012

The First 14 Years of Forever

We chose a date. April 1, 1998. April Fool's Day.

Still appropriate. We make each other laugh.

My head knows the moon has always been perched in the sky. My heart tells me you hung it there especially for me the day we met (June 26, 1997, I remember).

Our family laughs at our clothing optional bedroom picnics 14 years into our marriage. We just giggle.

Both our hands reach towards the others' when we walk side by side. Instinctively.

You gave me my first house early in our marriage and we made it a home. Together.

We learned a lot about each other in that home. We faced fears and uncertainties but I never felt like I wasn't with the person who made my world whole. We learned that we were stronger. Together.

We raised OUR children. We made mistakes. We're still learning that each one is different and wonderful. Only one to go. Super heroes are made of that kinda stuff.

You keep me from sinking when the darkness bubbles from places that I don't understand.

You reach for me in your sleep like you've been doing if far longer than 14 years.

You know, without looking at me, which movies, tv shows, songs, cards, commercials, heck just about anything, are making me cry. I think you know, before I do.

We've held each other during the loses of people that we thought would crush us. And we just kept breathing. Together.

Grandchildren! We have grandbabies!

We have big plans for our future. I have no doubts that we will make them happen.

There is a contentment when we're together and an  anticipation when we're apart. I expected that to fade sometime during the last decade, but I'm overjoyed that it hasn't.

As we make our way to our happily ever after, loving and learning each step of the way,  I hope that you always know that you carry as much of my heart and soul with you as I carry with me.

Happy Anniversary Sweetie!

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