Sunday, February 12, 2012


We're having an evolution of sorts here.

Although we are probably that last house on the planet to have a VCR, we do in fact have one.  The time on it still flashes 12:00 as vividly as it did 20 years ago. Once upon a time we had a manual that would have instructed us to set it to the correct time but lost in our sea of stuff, it still flashes the beacon announcing that it is eternally 12:00.

It's pretty clear that we are not technology savvy. Shhhh...don't tell that to my sweetie though, he thinks he has all our electronics figured out. It'll be our secret that he sooooo doesn't.

We have laptops. Sort of surround sound DVD players and HD TV's. It's not like we're living in the stone ages.  Except for our cell/mobile (what are the kids calling them now?) phones.

We've been carrying state of the art flip phones for several years now. And by state of the art I mean from a toddlers viewpoint. A toddler from 10 years ago...who's point of reference is a Fisher Price plastic phone.

Last week we decided it was time to upgrade. We now have smart phones. Ironically called that because they are MUCH smarter than we are.

Occasionally one will beep or vibrate for some unknown reason. Me sweetie and I look at each phone then back at each other. Kinda like when I brought a tiny newborn home from the hospital and with each new noise I had to diagnosis what I should do next.

I pick up my phone, which honestly is more like a mini tablet (I learned that term from a TV commerical...viewed on my HD TV, pretty advanced huh?). Peer at the screen and secretly wish it would flash with the strength of my VCR clock to tell me why it's beeping, vibrating or generally trying to tell me something. How am I supposed to know which button to push when the buttons are on a touch screen and don't show up until you know which button to push??

I've emptied the box that it came in over and over. No manual! Just a website to watch a tutorial. I've tried watching the tutorial it's like they are describing the use of this phone to a nuclear physicist. Not to a person who can't set the clock on a 20 year old VCR.

I'm sure in the next 5 years or so I'll figure it out but in the mean time if I don't answer when you text or call. Please send smoke signals.

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