Saturday, October 8, 2011


In my quest to become pretty, happy with my skin  have clear skin for the first time in my life (or since I was 12 anyway) I went to a dermatologist.

I started with the "this helps EVERYONE" washes.

Not only ineffective but stinky and it bleaches out colored towels :(

I considered a medication with evil, nasty, could be life changing side effects. Picked up the prescription, signed the appropriate "I will not sue you if blah, blah, blah happens" paperwork then promptly changed my mind and decided against the medication.

I've bought every OTC skin wash, cream, gel and soap available. The last was this one which didn't work either but had a very cool scrublet (I love that word) attached to the bottle.

My sister who has skin eleventy billion times nicer than mine goes to a different dermatologist and bought a whole skin clearing system. 

I'm not yet sure whether my skin is clearer (to be fair, I've only used it about a week) but I do know that it DRIES out every drop of moisture.

My face is starting to resemble....

Maybe not exactly like this. Minus the snout, teeth, beady eyes, tail, crazy sharp toe nails....okay maybe nothing like this but DRY!!!

I think an industrial strength moisturizer is in order. STAT!

Speaking of faces. I got a call from my kid's friend yesterday evening.


Translated...My kid was playing basketball at the rec center and collided with another player. He was BLEEDING.A.LOT!! What do you want us to do with him?

I met them at the Urgent Care Center and after being cleaned up (which happened  before I arrived..YAY!!) I found him with a towel on his chest. A red towel which I was informed was NOT red before he used it. I have seen less blood at a murder scene...on TV of course. We couldn't even throw it in the trash. It was BIO HAZARD!!!

It looked like this...

Four stitches and Boy Scout knots later he had a prescription for antibiotics, a tetanus shot and orders NOT to remove the stitches for 5 days. He also is gonna have a pretty cool scar.

I totally could have watched a YouTube video and sewed it up too.

After someone else cleaned up ALL.THE.BLOOD!!!

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