Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Organization 101

I bought a new purse!

Yes, again. And no, I didn't need it. Geeez, you think just like my husband.

It's big and beautiful and PLAID. I'm all about plaid. Or polka dots! Ooooh, or ruffles! Kinda sounds like I'm not picky huh? I totally am though. Unless it's on sale (and my new one was)...then I'm a little more forgiving of a not so perfect purse.

Anyway I thought this new one was perfect until I put all my junk in it and it swallowed my stuff like a giant black hole.  Turns out is too big.

Enter Amazon dot com. Do you know they have companies that make purse organizers?! It's a little purse that has LOTS of pockets and fits into a bigger bag with no pockets. Perfect solution, right?

My sweetie was not impressed. Apparently a $20.00 sale purse with an $18.00 organizer to make it work is not a good deal. Of course that's just his opinion which in my opinion doesn't mean a hill of beans (especially after I already bought both).

 Clearly, it's MUCH easier to find my important stuff. Stuff like Xanax and my Tide stain stick. Just don't ask me to find it fast.

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