Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Going Shopping

This *may* have been witnessed by a friend of a friend. Or it *may* have been witnessed by me.

If you're my mom it was definately a friend of a friend, or a neighbors friend but DEFINATELY was NOT me.

For the sake of saving some people from embarassement please read "grocery store" as grocery store. For everyone else read ''grocery store" as adult store. K?

Two people, who may have been me and my sweetie were strolling through the adult store grocery store. Perusing the canned goods and such.

Oh, and for the sake of this story, this particular store had the produce section in the back behind closed doors. AND people had to pay to spend time choosing their produce.

Anyway, out of the produce department came this 30-ish year old guy, looking more than a little disheveled. He began to complain to the cashier that he didn't get  his full amount of time that he paid for to carefully hand select his produce. Apparently he was shorted 10 seconds of time. 10 SECONDS! His voice was unnaturally high as he explained to the less than caring cashier that he was only seconds from choosing the perfect melons and the produce employee told him his time was up and he had to move on. His language got a little more colorful and he was adamant that he NEEDED that last 10 seconds.

I'm not exactly sure how the produce department works at this particular grocery store but 10 seconds doesn't sound like a big deal. Unless, the perfectly hand selected fruit is only 9 seconds from your grasp.

I was completely grossed out and I got a case of the giggles right there in the store. Giggling in the grocery store with other shoppers around is frowned upon so we quickly made our exit.

I hope I never see that guy in the local Walmart!

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  1. I'm really glad I set my tea down before I read that.