Monday, January 10, 2011


There are things bouncing around in my brain, not unlike ping pong balls in an empty shoe box. They rattle loudly when I'm alone and quietly nag at me in the darkness of night time.

New Years resolutions that didn't quite make it to the second week of January.

Fear that I'm a hypocrite if I give my honest and solicited opinion on a situation. I know the situations are different but the outcomes will be very much the same.

Disappointment that I don't have the patience for people that I would like to have.

Anger that I try desperately to tame so as not to hurt people with words that aren't retractable.

Cravings for time that I just feel peaceful.

Sometimes I can pretend they are not there. But like shadows that are always present just a brief glance at a random moment and I am acutely aware of their presence. I want to shove all this noise in my mind into a tiny, sound proof corner and for a few seconds just feel relief.

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