Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wanna Watch TV At My House?

I have a TV. A really nice BIG SCREEN in HD. It's great for episodes of Glee in all it's glory and occasionally a marathon of Toddlers and Tiaras. I have a DVR to catch every important episode of all my TLC channel favorites (I hardly ever miss an episode of 19 Kids and Counting, I have priorities people). Except that the screen is BLACK. Oh, and it doesn't have any sound. Pretty much, it won't turn on. But it looks really nice sitting on our semi-dusty, especially for that size TV, table with the couches strategically place for optimum viewing.

Good news! We bought the extended warranty.

Except that the part that we might need (they haven't actually sent anyone out to look at it) is on back order. For how long, we asked. The minion that works for God knows what company tells us "we're not really sure". It's been ordered but the company can't send it because it's on back order. Straight from the script that is sitting in front of her (probably in some third world country). Okay, not really she was in some call center in South Dakota where all her scripts are carefully slid into plastic sleeves for easy reference. Dead end.

We bought the TV at Target so in a futile attempt to keep my head from spinning around like the scene from The Exorcist my sweetie calls them. I know they wouldn't be able to offer any more assistance but I wanted him to call someone else. ANY ONE ELSE WHO DIDN'T HAVE A SCRIPT IN FRONT OF THEM! He's a smart man. When my eyes are flashing from green to black he doesn't generally question my craziness.

The Target lady says they have 3 or 4 days (REALLY, WHICH IS IT??) to determine when the part will be available. In his genius, he says, or what? She says or to get us a new TV. I had him remind her that we missed the Super Bowl (not really, we didn't watch it and we have other TV's). Also that Glee is on tonight, which is much more important than the Super Bowl and that I am being force to watch it on a 32 inch TV. Which is today's equivalent of a 12 inch black and white of 20 years ago! I gotta say she almost mustered up some sympathy. Maybe she is a Gleek too.

So, I guess for the next few days I'll live like a caveman and watch my other TV. But if nothing happens by the time Glee is on again, HEADS WILL ROLL!

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